I think we all know that Olitz is going to eventually be the endgame but I’m shipping Jake and Olivia (Jalivia?) (Olake?) because I think Olivia needs something a little more stable right now. And I don’t like how Fitz treats her like she’s’ drug and he’s addicted to her. Jake…

i…don’t understand how anyone can think of Jake as stable. he “fell in love” with Olivia by watching her on his television screens in his living room. once she discovered the surveillance, he prevented her from leaving his place by pushing her to the ground, giving her a concussion. he is anything but stable, but then who on this show is?

i can understand why someone, not me, would want to see Olivia with someone new. Olitz isn’t for the faint of heart. but Jake? really?

as for me, i’m here for life-altering, devastating, painful, all-encompassing, like-a-drug love, not Stepford-wife-love.

Perfectly stated! What she said!

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    NOPE. Next question.
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    Hmm, I get that. I feel like Jake thinks he knows Olivia since he watched her for months which is why he is so enamored....
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    I’m not agreeing, I don’t ship Olake. But my heart strings tugged a little bit for Jake in this episode. He really seems...
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    Everything Xio and after said, and he’s not sexy or cute… to me (and my opinion matters for a lot… LMFAO!).
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    He’s creepy.
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    I agree!
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    ^^Yes. Thank you, Xionin. Seriously, the Jake/Olivia supporters need to just face facts and fade to black.
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    EXACTLY! Life is not about settling for the next best or crap like that.